Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dedicated To Dad

The best kind of Dad...
- is interested in all that you are up to, letting you chat away for hours at the end of the day about school, life, the universe...
- teaches you the importance of frugality, requiring justification for the smallest purchase
- makes terrible jokes
- writes fun stories, where you get a starring role to fly to the moon
- takes you on interesting excursions to historic houses, foreign countries, pretty gardens
- ends up being the unofficial tour guide for every one else visiting that historic house
- is faithful in prayer, day after day
- never takes you on the same route twice
- buys you toffee apples after a trip round sainsburys
- instils in you a love of music and playing
- can be twisted round your little finger...
- plays all kinds of board games with you
- gives a bilingual speech at your wedding
- drives you back from university...even if it means coming to Scotland or France
- pays for many, many driving lessons
- lets you practice in his car
- finishes off your half-completed crosswords
- pops up to Archway to drop off/collect forgotten or needed items...including British Open tickets!
- faithfully reads and comments on your blog, day after day

Well Dad, you score top points based on the above criteria! Many thanks and

love Heather xxx

PS If you want to meet the man himself, don't forget to visit


Giulietta said...

Happy Father's day to my dear son in law also. He's a good one too!

Bachman said...

What kind words - and have you seen my blog of appreciation, appreciating your appreciation? I am not going to lie low, in denial, on this one!