Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Computer Things

Bertie downloaded Mozilla Firefox (not sure whether it was deliberate or not!) and since then my computer has gone a bit haywire! The Internet Explorer (which I much prefer) no longer allows add-ons, and I don't know how to change that. So I can't check my email on it or watch Youtube and iplayer. Mozilla does allow wikipedia (which for some bizarre reason always crashes on IE) but it didn't allow me to drag text and photos on my blog and changed all the text. Any suggestions on getting back my add ons?

Tracksy has gone down - this site allows me to look at all the visitors that come to my site...and then wonder, just WHO are you?? and how can I have had 10 visitors today and yet no comments left???!! (I never understood all those bloggers obsessed with comments until I had my own blog!) I will be trying my brother's suggestion of another site, Sitemeter, but in the meantime, be kind and leave me a comment to say you have visited! For those who are unsure how to, just click on the 0 comments at the bottom of the post, and fill in your name under Name/URL.
(May I also take this opportunity to recognise and thank those of you who are faithful commenters!)

Our faithful second-hand laptop is gradually getting slower and the keys are sticking lots. Hopefully it will continue for a while longer though, as it would be like losing an old friend...

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Kirsty said...

Here's a comment: Hello! I've now put your blog onto my "favourties" and made it my new resolution to visit often! We're about to vacate our Malvern Manor - isn't packing dreadful?! I've hardly started! Thinking of you all - what an exciting time! Lots of luvvin'