Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Finally A Subject Of Her Majesty The Queen

After a whole lot of (in my opinion unnecessary) kerfuffle, Baby JoJo finally got his UK passport through. Here he is celebrating his dual citizenship. Doesn't look particularly overjoyed, does he? Ah, this one is better as he enjoys his new Bumbo - a groovy chair that I would recommend to any mum. He is not quite ready for it yet, but already loving it!
That is, if he can keep his big sister from whisking it out from underneath him...(note her newly purchased sandals - size 7 and a half just like her sister!)

Back to the passport...being the sad person that I am, I sat comparing it to the French passport for a while. You may remember me praising the beauty of the French pages for having all the regions on them? Well ours aren't completely blank - they all have these two birds printed on them. Can anyone tell me what they are and what relevance they have to our passport??Another observation was that the passport was biometric - it has a little symbol on it right at the bottom of the front cover. I then discovered that the French was is too. But whilst the biometricy is clear on our passport on the back page......I can't for the life of me work out where it is on the French one! Could it be in the hologram?
Other news - in addition to the bumbo and sandals, we picked up my new glasses today - hurrah! It is such a relief to have a pair that are not hanging together with sellotape, wonky and scratched due to filial misuse. It is my resolution to ALWAYS put them away in their case in the same place!
All this necessitated a trip to Holloway Road so I popped into a wonderful cafe on Manor Gardens which you should visit if you are in the area. For 85p I enjoyed a tea, fed Baby JoJo in peace, read the paper (WOW!), let CassCass play with various toys and cars that they have available...great stuff.


bachman said...

the centre piece looks awfully big there between the little boy's legs...
The nearest I could get in our bird book for the bird on the right is a godwit. The head of the other is too unclear for looking up.

Hevs said...

It is comfy, honest!