Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Visiting Malvern Manor

We sent Bertie off for his belated Father's Day present of a day of golf with his friend LL Cool J and Pastor Julio. A round of 87 I believe, plus he is showing promise as a golfing tutor - could be useful if the teaching posts ever dry up!

We had the pleasure of visiting my parents at Malvern Manor. We had hoped to spend the afternoon on the bouncy castle in the garden, but the weather said otherwise, so we turned to inside pursuits. Mum helped us make a groovy book from the photos of our visit to the zoo last week and she and LissaLou made a delicious cake. We also had fish n chips! Grandpa knows the way to a grandaughter's heart is through her stomach!

I foolishly forgot my camera, but Mum and I captured a few shots on hers of the day. Have a look at them here.

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grandma said...

It was lovely having you all, missed Tiger erulin tho'!