Wednesday, 11 June 2008

6 Weeks And Counting

Oh dear, the weeks are storming past and my list is not growing much shorter - in fact, I rewrote it, so it is even longer now! However, I thought I would encourage myself by having a look at how much I have done of the list I gave you all a while back:

Book flights
Book Eurostar tickets to France (I did this one today!)
Send LissaLou's application for maternelle (nursery) over
Allocate all our worldly goods to one of the following- take with us (work out how!)- store here (work out where!)- chuck away- recycle/give away (work out to whom!)
Cancel bills etc - Loads done already - it is also a great line to give to all the companies ringing up for renewing our contract or to gain our custom - "sorry, we are moving country!" I get the impression they think we just say it to get rid of them...
Set up redirecting mail with post office
Bertie to send off his CV
Find some summer dresses for the girls
Find out about changing our mobile networks - I got an unlocking code from T-Mobile but I am not quite sure if I do it now or when I am ready to change the SIM card?
Get an ipod instead of taking all our CDs (debating this one still!)
Buy the game of Risk for Bertie's nephew out there - I promised him this about 6 years ago and he has never forgotten!
Buy mosquito nets

Wow, that was pretty good going! I shall now add to the list...
Book ferry tickets - Bertie is taking the car with all the stuff to ship, travel over with and perhaps store a bit in France - find a co-driver to take the car back to the UK
Buy boxes that meet the shipping company's criteria - start packing up things we aren't using
Book the Sky Cot for the plane
Work out what is happening with the car and if we need to insure it or not
Inform companies of change of address
Renew my driving licence (get a new photo first)

Oh well, that is not too bad I guess! I have a dream of doing a little at a time and having not much to do at the end, but that may well just stay a dream!

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