Monday, 30 June 2008

Nos Recentes Perigrinations

Isn't that a groovy word? Bertie taught me it this week and I have been dying to use it somewhere! I'll leave you to find out what it means!

After 7 years in our flat, many of our things have been falling apart. Bertie kindly repaired the chest of drawers for us and the girls were quick to profit from this new empty space in our flat!
Baby JoJo keeps working on his neck strength
I have been enjoying listening to Wimbledon on Radio 5 - and endless debates with Bertie as to whether Nadal or Federer will be this year's champion. Federer, no question!
Strawberries...ummm! There aren't any in Guadeloupe so we are eating as many as we can before we go!

Our recent discovery is BBC iPlayer - and Bertie has got us into Doctor Who, just in time for the end of the series! Exciting, if somewhat bizarre, stuff...


bachman said...

what a cute closet picture! But if B has repaired it how come it was available to them? Anyway he's welcome to come and do mine which has been awaiting my attention for several weeks!

Giulietta said...

The strawberry plants on your balcony must have suddenly perked up!!!

Hevs said...

tee hee, thank google images for the strawberries (ours are all in our tummies!) and the cupboard was in the process of being repaired during that photo. You never know, if Nadal wins and there is a piece of cake for him on sunday, he may well be happy to repair yours!

Mei-Li said...

Hi, just saw David Craigie today, am passing on your blogspot so he can see what you're all up to these days. I might not comment often but I do enjoy looking and seeing how the girls and JoJo are growing!

Anonymous said...

Can you not grow your own in a pot?
Is it too hot there? They grow in pots in Texas.