Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Back At The Heath

All went very well with LissaLou's sleepover - they didn't get up till 8am, which would be nothing short of miraculous in our household! We met up with them all at our favourite playpark on the Heath, where the paddling pool had finally been filled. The weather hadn't looked good enough to bring swimsuits etc, but did that stop the girls? Of course not! You should have seen them shivering when they came out!

Then we strolled over to Kenwood House for our afternoon tea - always nice to introduce the park to a newcomer, and this was Best Friend's Dad's first visit. Useful information - the cafe doesn't close till 6pm!
Turned out we had some cartwheeling experts with us...
My attempt at a synchronised photo failed dismally
But here is Bertie on his own - only, what is that strangely position orange thing?? Believe it or not, a child walking past! Pity I don't know how to rub things out on photos!After our carrot cake and ice creams, it was time for some rolling down the slope (all those gymnastic classes for CassCass are paying off!)Before putting the Daddies to work

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bachman said...

Such activity! What will you be up to in Gwada?!