Sunday, 1 June 2008


Some exciting things have happened this week.
Baby JoJo reached 6 kilos.
CassCass decided she had had enough of nappies and has started wearing her Peppa Pig knickers all day. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, as I tried potty training a few months back and it didn't work so I was leaving it till the summer. She is doing very well, in fact she has bypassed the the potty and the training seat and sits straight on the toilet. There have been a few accidents (including one night where for some reason she took off her nappy in bed!) but generally she has the right idea.

Her average conversation now consists of "Aisa look at my knickers! (up comes skirt). Aisa got knickers. I got knickers too! (After some reflection) Mummy got knickers. Papa got pants. (With an air of superiority) JoJo got nappies! I not got nappies!" If you ask for a viewing of these knickers, she is more than happy to reveal all!
And finally, following in family tradition...

Yes, he's found his thumb!


bachman said...

Does she have a great future modelling in the underwear department?

evie said...

Oh No!!!! It all goes down hill from here. (Thumbwise!)

Grandma said...

I began to get worried when she started asking about Grandma and Grandpa's knickers/pants!