Saturday, 16 August 2008

5 Months!

Our little boy has reached 5 months already! And a delightful child he continues to be! Here he is with an increasingly dirty baby Luke (wearing one of his nappies!) fast asleep, ahh!

He is increasingly rolling around, especially on his bed, and often gets on to his side or tummy to sleep. Unfortunately he can't always get back so he generally wakes me up between 5.30 and 6.30am cos he is stuck on his tummy!
His sleeping and eating is not as routined as it was in the UK - I do tend to feed him more due to the heat and it is quite noisy around here with all the people. I may work on that in September. At the moment I often feed him to sleep or he goes to sleep on someone. But once he goes down at about 9pm he stays asleep all night, hurray!

Breastfeeding in this heat is actually quite hard, as it gets both of us so hot! I see the sweat pouring off his head, poor boy! In the same way, he sweats away in his car seat.

We don't have the luxuries of home like the playmat and bouncy chair, so he spends his time in his Bumbo (Bertie's dad laughs at him waving around like a swimmer in it!) or on our bed/in his cot. We put the animal mobile that Julie gave us for CassCass above his bed right next to the open window and he loves watching it swirl around in the wind. It can be hazardous putting him on the floor as it is so quickly dirty and children tend to come and squash/walk on him!

He loves all the company here and coos and beams at the faces that appear before him.

We are still resisting feeding him despite comments from all around, but I did let him suck on some water melon which he loved!

Healthwise he is fine - he gets the occasional bite but doesn't seem too bothered by it. His BCG exploded and seems to be healing up now. We are going to see the Nurse for a routine check up in a couple weeks. I hope she weighs him...I hope I understand what she says! Bertie saw her yesterday and apparently she started work in 1974, the year he was born! I said he may even have weed on her as baby!!

He loves grasping things and putting them in his mouth so don't leave anything of vaue in his reach! (which is longer than you think!) He likes just chilling out and watching the world around, I often think he must just be soaking in all this newness.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lovely!

Goodness, the girls and JoJo look the picture of health! What a gorgeous family you have! Our internet connection is taking ages to set up so I'm trying to sort out all my internet affairs at David's folk's house in the Lake District. We've been nomads for the past few weeks - moving in and out of the house while work in being done. Hopefully we'll only have to move out once again and then we'll be finished!

Lots of love for you all!

bachman said...

When you read the last paragraph as if there was no paragraph break it sounds as if it all applied to Alberto!!!!