Friday, 8 August 2008

Bites Galore

It may have been the rain last night, but we are all sporting masses of bites - even Baby JoJo has fallen foul to these nasty mozzies, ahhh! That's despite our snazzy new nets - the girls have a bright pink one (of course!). Ours is a white square one but with an interesting design that means it has no less than 12 gaps! Er, what's the point of that? We may as well put up a sign saying we welcome mosquitoes! On the good side though, the infirmiere who visits Bertie's dad early each morning advised me to put alcohol on my sting and it is now much better, though the sting is still in there. Any idea if or how it comes out? The alcohol is pure rum, well 90%, with the helpful "ne pas avaler" on the outside!

We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics this morning - fascinating to see all the different countries represented, some with so few people! Great diversity amongst them, and strange to think of all the conflicts that are going on between them, all put aside for this occasion.

Just so you don't think life here is too different from elsewhere, Bertie is watching Colombo! Oh, he has just worked out who the baddies are!

We have been looking around for a car, but they are quite pricy and not always a very good condition. If you saw the driving here you would understand why... Yesterday with the Tour a two way road ended up with three lanes heading one way and cars squeezing past on the other side! Bertie said to clarify that it was a wide road...well that's alright then!

Bertie was talking to one car dealer when he learned another myth many people believe her - cars increase in value over time! Apparently one lady was most offended that he wouldn't take her 1993 Peugeot in exchange for this year's model!

We reckon there is no market for freecycle here as people use things until they are completely beyond repair. However, there are sales of furniture and cars amongst the metropolitans (from mainland France) who are returning after a short period here, so we will keep our eyes peeled for some things there.


Susan said...

Hope your sting is getting better! I got a splinter under my fingernail, thought I had removed it, but later realised that it was still sore because it's still in there ... so I have a small brown fleck that I can't do anything about, and is occasionally sore if I bash it. Don't know if it'll come out either ... Let us know if your sting comes out or not!

Mum said...

Clever mosquitos in Guadeloupe, that can read. Would the sign be in French/Creole, presumably?