Monday, 11 August 2008

Pics From Pika

Bertie risks life and limb to climb a rickety ladder in search of coconutsPapy holds on tightly
Selecting the ones that are dry
Papy chops it open with his faithful machete
An avid audience
Reaping the rewards - Bertie drinks the refreshing coconut waterThen uses the chopped off section as a spoon to take out the jelly part
Hard at work
LissaLou and her Papy
Getting coconuts the easier way
Et voila!


David C said...

that is one HUGE coconut! :-)

Susan said...

I love coconuts ... but I don't think I'd fancy climbing up there to get one! (I'm loving these photos, Hevs! Keep it up!)

Mum said...

lovely picture of LissaLou and Papy, not forgetting Hamy and his Caribbean Adventures.

Missus Wookie said...

How cool to see them all working so hard - glad the coconuts were a welcome reward.