Friday, 15 August 2008

Olympic Fever

The time difference means we have been having plenty of late nights/early mornings watching the happenings in Beijing. Unfortunately the biais is very much in favour of the French team...even more unfortunately they are winning far more medals than the British! You should have seen Bertie leap and whoop for joy when Alain Bernard one the swimming - it even woke his poor dad! Now we are on to the athletics, we will be lucky to see Bertie at all...

BTW it always astonishes me the events they have at these Games. My latest funniest sport is Greco-Roman fighting! That must keep Malc very happy! Bertie is happy too, as two french brothers got gold and bronze in it!


Timmus Estibille Fotherington-Smythe said...

Then perhaps we can yet get Paris to hold the 2012 Olympics?

-- UncAl

bachman said...

we are observing a studied indifference to the whole jamboree - as we will in 2012.