Friday, 8 August 2008

The Tour At Every Corner

With all his family to look after, Bertie hasn't been able to consecrate as much time to the Tour as he would have done in the past. However, we have discovered if Mohammed won't come to the mountain...

Yesterday we set off nice and early for Ti Bou, a lovely activity park we visited last holiday. However, we found their price of €12 per child rather outrageous for a couple of hours visit (much cheaper before, but apparently they put the prices up as they were too complicated. Hmmm) so at the suggestion of another family there, we set off for another park in the mountains along a road called La Traversée (as it cuts throught the mountains of Basse Terre). "15 minutes drive" Bertie said cheerfully, as I debated whether to feed the hungry Baby JoJo before setting off. Ten minutes into the drive, uh oh, a bit of traffic ahead... We stopped. And stayed. And waited. What was happening? Had everyone decided the prices of Ti Bou were scandalous and headed to Les Mamelles? Then it hit us as the radios blared out of every car around - the Tour was due to pass by the way! We had already missed them earlier so we got out the car in excitement to see them pass. Great was our disappointment when a neighbouring car said it was actually going a slightly different way. But then, to our delight, along came the warning motorbike gendarmes followed by vehicle after vehicle (how many do they need for one little Tour?!) and finally the cyclists themselves! Ok, we only saw them for a few seconds but it was a beautiful sight as they swarmed passed in multi-coloured outfits, and we may even have made it on tv!

By now, it was getting late, so we decided to visit my friend Sylvie instead. Back we turned, sped along happily until...uh oh, traffic ahead! Surely not again? We missed the cyclists by minutes and finally made it to our destination for a quick hello before heading home for a lengthy siesta to get over all the excitement.

Today we set off later than planned for St Anne again and another dip in the sea. Yes, you know the story...traffic ahead, it can't be? It was! The Tour yet again! So we turned back for another beach only to be sent to the side of the road by the motorbike gendarme and his megaphone. Then swept passed the cyclists and the many motorbikes and cars round a rather steep bend and hill, leaving us feeling somewhat vulnerable at the side of the road! One cyclist bombed along centimetres from us!

Then it was all over, leaving us to carry on our journey and enjoy a lovely time at the beach. This time we were far more organised with our new cold bag (essential item here) and bottle of ice - it becomes water by the time you want to drink it! We also got the girls a bucket and spade kit and they had great fun digging a canal with Bertie and filling it with water to the sea. Baby JoJo and I just chilled on the side, not wanting to go into the midday sun.

Tomorrow the Tour hits our town so we get to see it close up! The flags are up, the streets are clean, the barriers are in place...

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