Friday, 15 August 2008

A Lovely Lunch

We lunch at Bertie's sister's on Wednesday and were treated to a meal fit for a king...

Starter - boudin blanc (like black pudding but the blood free version preferred by the protestant Christians here), salad, potato accras
Next - rice and pois kaan (like small kidney beans?); madere, bread fruit, steamed plantain and banane figue in their skins, so yummy
Next - cockerel in a very nice sauce
Next - whole fish (you can see her cooking the 20 kilos of them in the above photo) By this time you can imagine we were getting a bit full but we were instructed that we could only take a full fish, no halves!
Dessert - mango, water melon, pineapple, melon skewers
Next - sorbet des iles - we had corossol, cerise de pays, guava
All washed down with a ti punch (I had a homemade passion fruit one which was so strong it took me the entire 3 hour meal to drink! and plenty of local juice and water

I have put in italics all the ones I don't know in English and my dictionary is still in shipping. Let me know if you find the translations!

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Mum said...

Madere - from Madeira. Could be wine?
banane figue - a variety from Martinique - small and tasty
found a photo at
corrosol - fruit of the corrosolier, surprise surprise! Grows in Asia, Africa and Americas. Photo on Wikipedia
cerese de pays - fruit from FrGuiana known as cerese a cotes in Guadeloupe.
ti punch - creole name for rum based mixed drink - be careful its srtongly alcoholic!
didn't find pois kaan - google gave me your blog for it!!
Who needs a dictionaire when they have google!!!