Monday, 11 August 2008

Admin stuff

Hurray, I have finally managed to redirect our post online! If you aren't in a hurry and feel like dropping us a line, you can actually send it to our old address as of 18 August and it will get delivered to us for the price of a first class stamp!

Still trying to sort out my final British Gas bills (their site is never working) and whether I can get my phone unlocked or not.

I am rather confused about the child benefit/tax credit, as according to their notes, if you are gone more than a year, you are no longer eligible, but they have sent me a form to claim from abroad. I don't know if that affects a claim here? We shall see...

We put grey Hamy in the wash this morning, and five mins later LissaLou came to announce that the washing machine was finished! Not very adminy but funny all the same! She hasn't stopped asking for him every 10 mins since!


bachman said...

Closing B G gas accounts seems a bit of a problem. I put 'close british gas account' into google and came up with a couple of horror stories.

Hevs said...