Friday, 1 August 2008

The Girls & Guadeloupe

LissaLou and her sinobol CassCass enjoying a mango
Yummy sinobols
A rare shot of me! I think all these photos were taken by a niece or two - it is a great camera for kids to use as it is so hard to miss out people's heads and legs!
The girls are getting used to the fact that this is their new house and seem to be enjoying the constant company of cousins around, but for the moment there is no sign of any french from them, much to the frustration of those around who have no idea what they are saying!

Today they slept in till 6 am, a definite improvement, though Baby JoJo still woke at 5am. I hope he goes back to his normal pattern sometime soon! We are not very good at getting them to bed early so they are still pretty tired.

They don't really like the food here, but have bravely been eating as much as possible in the hope of having a frozen (ice pole) or flan (creme brulee?). I have to admit that there is too much salt and not enough fruit and veg and wholegrain stuff for my liking.

CassCass' potty training has gone ten steps back, so we have had poos and wees in bed and on the floor (no carpets here and beds dry quickly so that is a consolation!) Her english is great though, and her new phrases include I think, I know, I have to, cos... ie I have to have an ice pole cos I like it! She is fascinated by the frogs that sing at night (so noisy!) and the cockerel opposite our house (equally noisy!) and everyone's car.

LissaLou is excited as she learnt how to do a Y in her sleep apparently! Tatie France-Lise gave her a Dora the explorer doll in France and she loves it, dragging it around with Hamy the dog.

They are a bit shy at saying hello to people so I am encouraging them to say bonjour Papy and bonjour Mamie with a kiss each morning. Not much success yet!


Susan said...

Great to hear that CassCass is giving reasons for her opinions ... I am sure that use of 'coz must mean she's heading towards level 5 already ... !

Juliet said...

Funny you should say that Susan, CassCass could recognise a number 5 last year when she was 3months of 2 yrs old!