Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Our Week

Firstly, catastrophe has struck!

My camera has stopped working. Sniff. Sniff. SNIFF. I understand how you felt now Evs! Is it still under guarantee Dad? Mind you, if you passed me the receipt I have no idea where it is now!

This sad revelation occurred just before church, so it took a lot of prayer to get life back into focus again! We went to a house church run by an American couple from Texas (yay Shannon!) who have been missionaries here for years but are sadly leaving soon. We had a good time there, lots of English speakers, and the Pastor's wife lent me a trilogy by Tracie Peterson so I haven't been good company recently!

Bertie's sister lent us her car so we set off into Basse-Terre on Monday to visit Bertie's uni friend Synethia who works in Guyane. Basse-Terre is beautiful but full of mountains and so you need a lot of confidence in your car to drive there! Plus her house is at the top of a really steep drive - we stalled at the top! But made it, and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with her and her family (they send their love and look forward to seeing you mum!). The highlight was swinging gently on their hammock on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea...ahh!

Yesterday we still had the car so we popped along to the beach at Ste Anne with the kids and they had a marvellous time as ever.

Today the big event was...(apart from me finishing my trilogy and finally being talkative again!)...Baby JoJo has started solids! I figured he was so late we could start before 6 months. He always looks so desperately at our food, it is very sweet! He enjoyed a teaspoon of organic baby rice (happily brought from the UK, no such thing here! In fact, very disappointingly, most baby stuff has lots of sugar) and we look forward to carrying on with it tomorrow.

BTW the yoghurt was delicious from our new yoghurtmaker - I heartily recommend it!


bachman said...

I think it could be. It is 22.53 now so too late to look but will see if I can find documents in the a.m.

moi said...

Oh dear - none of us can live without a camera!
I have posted - yesterday - a special spoon for Joel, so hope it arrives very soon. Bon appetit to him!
I sent you an email on Monday and have been anxiously waiting for a reply - maybe you didn't get it?
If not give me a ring.Its not bad news!!