Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Another Family Meal

The following day, Bertie told me we were going for lunch at his brother's. I foolishly expected another small family gathering. However, not only were most of his family there, but also many of his partner's family and friends. There were 18 cars there by the time the food was served!
Here is the family, well, some of them anyway!
Their house is a lovely one in quite a remote area. I have to admit to being rather jealous of the nursery...a lovely cot, mosquito net and AIR CON!!!The girls chilled on the terrace whilst waiting for food. They were very patient as it didn't arrive till after 3pm and we had been there a few hours!
As you can see, Baby JoJo loved sleeping in the hi-tech nursery with his cousin.
It was funny to see everyone in Sunday best after the pig-killing BBQ clothes of the previous day!What a cutie! He is so interested in our food now, I am looking forward to weaning him soon.
Here is Bertie's eldest sister who was also celebrating her birthday that day. She is the one whose computer I use - many thanks for this lifeline to the world!

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bachman said...

Doesn't Jo look so alive and alert here?!