Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Organic Shopping In Gudeloupe

Is pretty much a non-starter! It really is so expensive here! The only cheap things are junk food, of course, and there is a real dearth of healthy stuff. Shopping was an eye-opening event and left me musing on my budget and ingredients for the coming year. EcoMax was relatively cheap but one of the worst places I have ever visited! Even worse than KwikSave from my uni days... Carrefour is very expensive and did actually have an organic aisle but €7 for a box of cereal is a bit painful. I have otherwise seen two organic shops so I will go and visit them at some point.

One of the worst things to buy here pricewise is nappies - a far better incentive to using reusable ones than the money back scheme in Islington, is being charged €20 for a pack! So if you are coming over to see me, leave a little space for a pack in your bags!

On the positive side, Bertie's Dad brings plenty home from his countryside plot, known as Pika. But it mainly seems to be fruit and tubers/starchy food. Bertie has offered to grow broccoli, peppers, carrots etc for me, which sounds great!


Market Martini said...

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Mei-Li said...

Hi, sounds like Harris, food was so expensive there! It's a shame as everyone used to grow their own organic food. We got lovely potatoes and free-range eggs from Cailean's cousins. We're in HW at the moment, and went down to see my mum's allotment, she's keeps telling me how lovely all her organic food that she's grown herself is!