Friday, 1 August 2008

My Little List

Some of the things I would like done are as follows:
Get a mobile (I misplaced Bertie in the supermarket the other day and it took ages to find him. I was beginning to wonde how I would get home as I have no idea of the route or the phone number!)
Get internet access
Make the bathroom less dark (paint white?)
Mend the door handle (we got locked in for ages the other night!)
Get a fridge and cooker for our little upstairs kitchen
Make the balcony more usable - some kind of cover? Table and chairs?
Get fans in the bedrooms (the ones on the ceiling)
LissaLou has to be vaccinated with BCG before school starts
Check out Baby JoJo's BCG scar as it is still really big
Get some clocks - I never know what time it is!
Get a couple more sheets and towels
Repaint bedroom
Put up mosquito nets for us all

There are still some things left on my list from the UK that I didn't manage:
Setting up post redirection (just think of all my letters piling up at my flat! Fortunately no one ever writes to me so that is ok!)
Cancel direct debits
Check that phone and electricity and gas are cancelled
See what is happening with child benefit and tax credit - apparently it is very generous here...
Contact T-Mobile about unlocking my phone as the code didn't work

Having just finished reading Freedom of Simplicity though, I might have to reconsider whether all the things on my list are really necessary...


mum said...

I dont believeit another list!!!
Raining in Scotland too. Marion sends her regards. Bought Peppa Pig sticker books for you know who today - will post from home next week. Lovely lot of blogs thank you. love from Grandma

Susan said...

I am curious to know how you are getting on with that list ... am loving the descriptions of life in Gwada so far ... eagerly await the next installment!

Hevs said...

Er, not very far is the answer! Glad you are enjoying it!