Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Our Town

The best time to head down to the playpark is between 5 and 6pm, when the heat of the day is psasing and it hasn't yet turned dark. Our local park is in the square in the town centre (read, a few important buildings and a few shops. That is it.) Here are some shots fom there last Sunday.

The play park is in two parts - this is the baby bit
But of course the girls prefer the big kid bit! No swings sadly - just a scary roundabout that they love and a fireman's pole LissaLou keeps throwing herself off - ouch!

Here is our Mairie
with its Annexe (note the obligtory French flags!)
And the War Memorial
I didn't snap the constant presence of motor bikes and scooters zooming around the place. they also speed along our road and have done something to their exhausts to make them 100 times noisier!
Funnily enough, the parks are often empty, or else have mixed couples there with their kids. We can only imagine these are the visitors from France, as locals don't appear to visit them very much for some reason!

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