Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Quiet Family Gathering?

No such thing in this family!

Saturday saw us at Pika with
- 2 grandparents
- 1 great aunt
- 2 brothers
- 3 sisters
- 2 daughters in law
- 2 sons in law
- 13 grandchildren
- a family friend and son
Bertie's dad looked around in satisfaction and told me, "tu vois ca? c'est meme pas toute ma famille!" Then later went and took refuge in a quieter place!

The following pictures are not for those of a sensitive disposition!

Our aim was to kill one of Papy's pigs. This was done by Bertie, his BIL and the latter's cousin. Our neighbour helped and then butchered it for us.

I didn't see the actual slaughter but they were taking off the hair when I arrived. Normally they use a razor (Gilette perhaps?) but this time the Haitian BIL used his method of putting in the fire then taking off the rest with a knife. The sausagy intestines are used to make boudin - I don't feel any more inclined to eat it! We have been eating pork ever since!
Tee hee, guess who is I mean piggying around! The girls love sucking, chewing and spitting out sugar cane and here they are begging Papy for some.
It takes a pro to cut it up with the machete and still have the fingers intact!
Here is Bertie's auntand his dad...see the family resemblance?!A fine spread had been preparedThis is the nearest I have found to recycling here so far - old fridges are used to store the drinks in, filled with lots of ice!Bertie made a lovely BBQ (chicken...and pig of course)
The bread fruit was boiled on the hob

And we all sat down and enjoyed it
Here are a few of the shots from the day. The adults chatted, the kids played with an old trolley and on the hammock, which was the subject of much dispute.
Here are the cousins enjoying it
And proof that sucking the thumb is genetic...and not from my side of the family! There are at least two other cousins who do, plus Bertie's thirty year old sister!
Having a nice rest
Having a nice swing!
We cleared up and returned home as night fell, with three very tired children. And one tired mummy!


bachman said...

I had to twist my head to look at Lissa's t-shirt to make sure it was not real animals lying on her!

Mum said...

3 things!
Did Bertie pray for the pig before he killed it? If even to give thanks for it.
I want a pair of green shoes like Papy's - is there a name for them?
I love the picture of Jojo finding his toes!