Friday, 22 August 2008

Getting The Troops To Work

We are surrounded by children here, and it all adds up to a lot of cooking, cleaning and washing up! After three days of my washing up twice a day for 13 people, Bertie decided to intervene and get the kids involved. No easy task! In fact, we supervised them each with a task and then gave them an hour of reading and finally made a cake and juice, and it was so exhausting it required a two hour siesta to recover! I certainly didn't have any time for photos! But they enjoyed it mostly and Papy was very pleased to come back to a tidy home. We then hosted our own party in the evening followed least an hour of washing up for me!!


Mum said...

IST OCTOBER.Fans take note.
So I think I have probably missed your birthday already. I was on the point of asking what you would like, but now it has come to me... What you need is a giant tub of Atrixo and a pair of rubber gloves!!
Joking apart let me know if there is anything else...

bachman said...

Pity you haven't got an automatic dishwasher - like a babbling mountain stream running past the house! But then Mum says presumably you don't have to go and get the water in a bucket or two or three or... like Evie was describing. But it's never too young to get the little 'uns in on the act, is it!

Anonymous said...

I see you eat boudin. I wonder if it is the same as what we eat. Ours is pig intestines stuffed with rice, bits of meat, and spices. I used to eat boudin and drink a Dr. Pepper everyday for lunch at school. I cant remember if we served it to Evie while she was here.


Hevs said...

I am sure posting dates for christmas dont apply to my bday - surely not that many people will be sending me a card...!
I can give you a list if you like!!! Does nappies count?!
I thought about the dishwasher but actually all the dishes and esp the huge pots used here would never fit in. But thats ok, I enjoy washing up!
Yes that is pretty much our boudin Shannon! Boudin rouge has blood boudin blanc doesnt. I dont like either!