Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Tour Comes To Town

Saturday morning we all headed out into the blazing sun, foolishly forgetting the girls' hats, to watch the penultimate day of the Tour. Their task was to zoom a few times around town and the surrounding area, before finishing at La Place de la Reconciliation (isn't that a great name?) which has a nice playpark including swings (rare thing here) but a lot of mosquitoes!

Here they come speeding past

Watched by their faithful fans (we made it on to tv again!)
Bertie's eldest sister works with the Stadium so was on duty all day - this involved lots of sitting around in the hot sun!
Then we dashed over to the arrival line where the MC was creating some ambiance before the thrilling arrival which saw a local boy win
I snapped snapped snapped but I don't know if I got one photo where you can see a cyclist!
The Tour then continued at the town velodrome but we had to set off for a party. The following day it concluded at Pointe à Pitre, with victory for a Colombian called Pena Pena for the fourth time. We all thought his name was Pena and the guy on the radio just kept getin gexcited and repeating it! At least we are a bit freer of traffic jams for the next 12 months!

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